Turner Gas utilizes 6 Rail Terminals: 5 NGL Terminals; 1 Chemical and Diesel Terminal

  • NGL rail terminals:
      • Carlin, NV
      • Hazen, NV
      • Shoshoni, WY
      • Superior, MT
      • Bakken Region

  • Carlin Rail Terminal (CRT):
    • Chemical and Diesel rail terminal
Hazen terminal

The Carlin Rail Terminal, strategically located in Carlin, Nevada, is jointly owned by Turner Gas Company and SA Services.  Our partnership allows us to serve our shared mining customers (including the largest central Nevada mines), and other industries with a fully integrated offering:  SA Services provides the supply and marketing of chemicals, and Turner Gas Company provides the transportation of chemicals and supply of refined fuels.

Highlights of the Carlin Rail Terminal:

    • Chemical and Refined Fuels storage and transloading
    • 7.0 acres & 2,300 feet of track
    • State of the art refined fuels transloading rack
    • Refined Fuels Storage: 20,000 Barrels (840,000 Gallons) of diesel product in three storage tanks
    • Approximately 40,000 gallons of storage for Conventional Gas (Regular and Premium) and Ethanol.
    • Full time personnel located on site